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Wine from Radikon

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Wine from Radikon

After the disappearance of the legendary Stanko, his son Saša inherited the historic winery in Oslavia, considered the capital of Italian orange wines, keeping the quality bar high and the highest-level excellence. There was no doubt about it, considering that father and son always worked in total mutual harmony and, of course, with the territory. The Radikon family has lived in Oslavia, in Collio Goriziano, since 1807, along the ridge that climbs the San Floriano hill from the bridge over the Isonzo, exactly on the border with Slovenia.

The vineyards, exposed to the South-East and with a favourable microclimate (considerable ventilation and day-night temperature range), are worked in full respect and love for nature: the cut grass, the prunings, manure and marcs are the only fertilizers for this very mineral soil, ponka, rocky in depth and flakey on the surface, and the treatments, copper, sulphur and propolis, are limited to what is strictly necessary.

And when the first leaves turn yellow and the seeds inside the grapes are ripe, they are finally harvested, manually in boxes. In the cellar, the Radikon philosophy has been historically expressed by two principles: long maceration on the skins of white grapes - especially Ribolla, the queen grape of the Collio of which the family is the custodian - and long aging in wood. But it all comes down to simple but scrupulous "observation" of the wine, which is at the most transferred from one container to another when necessary, thus pursuing an idea of ​​uncompromising naturalness.

Orange wines, with very long maceration, in the Radikon range. With a structured style, enveloping but mineral, always opulent, majestic, with distinctly evolved tones. The most classic is the Ribolla, robust but with great acid tension and ferrous. The Friulian is territorial, Jakot, generally more introverted, material but capable of endless longevity. Sapidity and fruit balance with persuasive elegance in Oslavje, the blend of internationals reinterpreted with the rich and velvety filter of the Radikon house.

  • Year founded1980
  • Own vineyards:12
  • EnologistSaša Radikon
  • Bottles produced per year35000