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Nani - Castello di Rubaro

Nani - Castello di Rubaro

It was 1967 when Primo and Antonio Nani founded in the heart of the Berici Hills, in Nanto in the province of Vicenza, a typically Venetian winery, dedicated to convivial, ready and bulk wine products. A few years later, after having understood the potential of this territory and its splendid vines, both international and indigenous, the Nanis were the pioneers in specialising in denomination wines, strictly bottled.

Quality thus became the priority, and since the 1980s the winery has been equipped with modern wine-making and storage technologies. In 2013, the turning point. Antonio Nani sold his business and his experience to two young experts in the wine sector, Daniele Zorzi and Ginaluca Graziani, who completed the company's modernisation process. The completion of the conversion to quality wine is manifested both with the conversion to certified organic, started in 2016, and with the enhancement of the native grapes of the Berici Hills.

Among the whites, on the strength of a pleasant Pinot Bianco, we have a bodied Sauvignon of great character and above all a Chardonnay that, refined for a long time on the lees, expresses character and personality. However, these are wines with a convivial vocation, young and ready, with fresh and fragrant aromas. The same can be said of sparkling wines, both spumantis and sparkling, among which stands out a Moscato of rare balance.

Among the reds, without taking anything away from the biting and pleasant level of the Merlot and Cabernet, the Tai Rosso and the Syrah certainly stand out. The first is a native grenache of the Berici Hills, which the Nanis interpret as a sharp and easy-to-drink wine, sometimes vinous and very fruity, albeit with a palate of beautiful freshness and pleasant tannins. The Syrah is instead the Nanto's flagship wine, the settlement town of the the Nanis.Powerful, velvety and harmonious, the Nanto Syrah, a wine with a municipal designation, is aged in large barrels and expresses very broad notes of spices, coffee and chocolate on the nose.

  • Year founded1967
  • Own vineyards:11
  • Bottles produced per year80000
Nani - Castello di RubaroNani - Castello di Rubaro