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In a Tuscany where international investment is increasing, Monteverro is one of the most successful experiences. In this patch of Maremma very close to the Tyrrhenian Sea with Argentario in the background, on well-drained clay soils at an altitude of no more than 80 metres, triple sorting and no clarification are the cornerstones of an agriculture that is converting to organic.

The wines, concentrated, austere, full-bodied, saline are well acquainted, as in the French tradition, with the tender loving care afforded by the barriques, sometimes also at the fermentation stage. Monteverro, vinified plot by plot, is a spectacular wine, vintage after vintage. It’s a prestigious Bordeaux blend of exceptional concentration, ranging from Mediterranean vegetation to Cinchona, from blueberry syrup to dark chocolate to graphite. Drinking it is pure heaven: opulent, warm and tannic, with an infinite finish.

The Chardonnay is unbelievable, golden, citrus, caramelized, fresh, spicy, buttery, minerally. The Tinata, a blend of Syrah and Grenache should not be overlooked, with its notes ranging from the floral to rosemary, from blueberry to black pepper to cocoa and graphite with touches menthol.

And there are wines everybody can enjoy. Like the Terra di Monteverro, the second local Bordeaux, is fruity, spicy, herbaceous, juicy and smooth. Or the Verruzzo, a 40% Merlot which is floral and fruity on the nose, enveloping and silky on the palate. And, finally, a great top-range Vermentino, staying six months on the lees with its exotic mineral explosion of mango, citrus flowers, pear and toast.

  • Year founded2003
  • Own vineyards:27
  • EnologistMatthieu Taunay
  • Bottles produced per year100000

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