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Hacienda Solano

Hacienda Solano is a small family-owned winery in La Aguilera, a historic village in Burgos and home to some of the best vineyards in the DO Ribera del Duero appellation. The winery's plots, some of which are a hundred years old, thrive in extreme climatic conditions at altitudes of around 1000 metres. The terrain plus the small size of the plots mean mechanized farming methods are out of the question.

The oenologist Sophie Khün, from Alsace and with a long professional experience working in France and Australia, and Toni Sarrión (Bodegas Mustiguillo in Utiel) are in charge of production. Sarrión joined the project in 2016 with the aim of developing a more artisanal, environmentally-friendly production, eschewing intervention as much as possible, both out in the fields and in the winery. The winery follows all the usual guidelines for organic wine production, even though it does not have the official certificate. It aims to make wines that speak of their terroir; wines classified according to the age of the vines and the soil characteristics of each plot.

A winery which brings us closer to the Ribera del Duero in a natural way with lighter, fresher, more delicate, more long-living, more elegant wines. An example to follow.

  • Year founded2001
  • Own vineyards:12
  • EnologistToni Sarrion y Sophie Kuhn
  • Bottles produced per year50000

Wines from Hacienda Solano

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