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Celler Lagravera

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Celler Lagravera

Lagravera is a winery where we work with great sensitivity to this very unique environment called La Serra Llarga.

The project was born in 2006 as a way to recover an old gravel pit (thus the name “la gravera”= the gravel pit), regenerate its soil and recuperate the tradition of winemaking in the zone.

The winery is located between the Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley, in a part of the Anticline that here bears the name of the Serra Llarga and which constitutes the longest gypsum mountain chain in Europe. The link between the different terroirs is gypsum, which brings freshness to all wines.

From the beginning we have been working with organic viticulture and since 2013 we’ve converted to biodynamic, as a tool to regenerate the soil and make a healthier wines that better express the character of our landscape.

We sourced some methods back from our ancestors, such as phytotherapy, distillation of essential oils, or the use of the lunar calendar, in order to drastically reduce the use of chemicals.

We specialize in elaborating indigenous varieties, such as Garnachas of fine style and great richness of flavor, that is due to the gravel and sandy soils next to the Noguera Ribagorzana river.

We have recovered a vineyard from 1889 where 24 varieties coexist, of which 17 are indigenous, and 3 of them can only be find there, in the world. We are multiplying these varieties in different terroirs, since they are our wine heritage.

We believe in winemaking sensitive to details, where the wines are felt, not made with marked recipes, but elaborated with care, by making decisions based on listening to the wine at all times so that we can give them the best treatment possible.


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  • EnologistIvà Gallego
Celler LagraveraCeller Lagravera