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Wine from Caterina Dei

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Wine from Caterina Dei

The Dei family, active in the Montepulciano area for decades now, is one of the most solid wineries in the realm of Vino Nobile, which has been produced since 1985. Spread out among the historic Bossona vineyard and those of Martiena and Ciarliana, the Dei family properties are indeed famously some of the best suited to the big regional reds. The best vintage, Bossona, grows out of sandy and tuffy soils rich in skeleton, which is typical of the area, at an altitude of about 400 meters; while Martiena is sandy-sandstone and Ciarliana, slightly lower, out of clayey-calcareous soil.

The vineyard cultivation practices draw from some biodynamic principles, and therefore sees copper and sulphur as the only substances used, as well as abundant inter-row grassing. The cellar, equipped with geothermal system and located at a depth of 7 metres, is perfectly integrated into the environment.

  • Year founded1985
  • Own vineyards:55
  • EnologistPaolo Caciorgna
  • Bottles produced per year230000
Caterina DeiCaterina Dei