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Wine from Canopy

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Wine from Canopy

Bodegas Canopy is a project which brings together Belarmino Fernández, Jordi Vidal and Alfonso Chacón, three winemaker friends, professionals in the world of wine, business and catering, who decided one day to put their efforts and passion into a wine-growing venture which would enable them to rediscover the historic terrain of the Méntrida denomination, an area that did not enjoy a very good reputation, specialising as it had done for ages in producing bulk wine and with very few wineries prepared to bottle quality wine until then.

They therefore could still find in Méntrida a very old vineyard, centred on the Garnacha variety, and land that had the special characteristics essential for implementing their proposed objectives: to make a quality wine with the focus on the vines, practising sustainable viticulture, incurring as little intervention as possible, in both the old Garnacha vineyards (planted in the 1950s and 60s) and also the more recent Syrah ones. In the foothills of the Sierra de San Vicente between the Tajo and Tietar valleys, and at an altitude of 750 metres on siliceous soils with an abundant granite bedrock, the Canopy vines constitute a genuine garden that has adapted to the harsh and demanding terrain.

A “tiny” winery, but successful, considering the high scores obtained while still in its early days, both nationally and internationally.

  • Year founded2004
  • Own vineyards:19
  • EnologistBelarmino Fernández y Alfonso Chacón.