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Bodegas Nivarius

Bodegas NivariusBodegas Nivarius

Nivarius means "nevero" a natural well where snow is preserved year-round. If it gives its wines its name, it is because its vineyards are 800 meters high and face north. Due to the low temperature, the grapes stand out for their acidity, freshness and fruitiness, key to the quality of the unique white wines. And they know what they are talking about. Nivarius is the first winery of DOC Rioja that fully produces quality white wines. It is what sets them apart. It is what makes them unique. The whole process of elaboration in Nivarius is designed by and for white wines. To achieve the quality they are looking for and based on soil studies, they vinify each small plot separately. They get exactly what they want from their wines. After a first cooling of the base paste, they use special presses that prevent oxidation naturally. They make their wines (with the exception of Nivarius) in 3,500-liter fudres with very light roasting so that the varietal character stands out above the whole.

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