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Wine from Amistat

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Wine from Amistat

Amistat (meaning friendship in Catalan) is a small winery in Roussillon, the Catalan-speaking southern area of France. A winery which expresses a passion for wine through their use of the local grape varieties: Grenache and Macabeo. The poor brown schist soils to the south of Perpignan are ideal for extracting the maximum sensations from the vines.

In their search for the pure pleasure of wines, the Amistat winemakers are committed to producing wines with an authentic and natural expression rather than the standardized taste other wineries work for. Old vineyards, so often abandoned for economic reasons in other areas, are treated with the utmost respect as they pay homage to previous winemaking generations at Amistat by working with this valuable natural heritage.

Vines are cultivated without herbicides and balanced out each year without excessive use or stress. Deep roots, almost 70 years old, allow the plants to look calmly to the future. They may not be very productive, but they create exceptionally concentrated wines. Once the grapes have been collected, the only products used in the winery are local yeasts and a tiny amount of sulphites. The resulting wines are bottled unfiltered, with their clarity and brightness coming from a natural decantation during the ageing process. Finally, to preserve the quality of the spontaneous and lively character of the wines, the bottles are wax-sealed by hand.

On serving, Amistat wines do not need decanting – they are ready to thrill just a few minutes after opening, as long as they can oxygenate in the glass. They delight wine-lovers with a refined balance, and wonderful freshness throughout the mouth accompanied by regular, delicate and silky tannins. Amistat is the product of a landscape influenced by the sea, sun and wind. In other words, Mediterranean wines.