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Cos Pithos Rosso 2018

Cos Pithos Rosso

Vittoria (Italy)

Pithos Rosso is made from a blend of Frappato and Nero d'Avola, two of Italy's native varieties whic...


/ btl 0.75 L

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Wine Red




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Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2018


Pithos Rosso is made from a blend of Frappato and Nero d'Avola, two of Italy's native varieties which complement each other aromatically, the first with floral and spicy notes and the second with other more earthy and balsamic hints. The grapes ferment by means of indigenous yeasts, in terracotta amphoras wedged into the ground in order to keep the temperature and humidity constant. In ancient times, ceramic containers were used when producing wine, but obviously at some point the use of wood and steel became preferable. Cos has been the first Sicilian winery to reintroduce this ancient tradition, since terracotta also allows the wine to breathe, yet unlike oak, it doesn't alter it. The winery thus follows a business philosophy focused on the production of natural wines and on the preservation of the individual characteristics possessed by the vineyard and terroir.

Pithos Rosso enables us to savour the Vittoria terroir in all its flair and intensity, to taste its fruit and the minerality of its soils. In the glass, it appears a bright red colour and at first exudes aromas of flowers and red fruits. An open nose that makes its presence known, with an aromatic bouquet in which also figure wild mushrooms and undergrowth, aromatic herbs, and a minerality that heralds a most pleasant and flavoursome wine.

On the palate, it again emphasises the fruit and the soil, vigorously and resolutely. A wine that has brisk acidity, that's fruity and earthy, fragrant, full of life and cheerfulness.

Food pairing

Pomodori ripeni / Carne di manzo alla brace / Panzerotti / Pasta con le melanzane



    Tasting notes

    • ViewRosso granato
    • Bouquet:Viola / Lampone / Cassis / Terra bagnata
    • Mouth:Fruttato / Fresco / Sapido / Secco


    • Optimum serving temperature:Between 16ºC and 18ºC

    Customer reviews

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    by: Katherine (27/07/2018) - Vintage 2015

    Natural wine. Exciting winery. Good value.

    An excellent natural wine from an interesting winery exploring traditional winemaking methods - Pithos Rosso is aged in terra-cotta amphorae. Good wine. Good value. Good purchase!

    by: Fred (22/02/2018) - Vintage 2015


    Vin découvert par hasard lors d'un séjour en Italie ! Absolument puissant, avec des notes de terre et de cassis. Cela sent le sud et cela se déguste avec un infini plaisir. Plus généralement, les vins de cette maison ont une tenue incomparable pour un rapport qualité-prix imbattable !

    by: Jonathan (22/07/2017) - Vintage 2015

    Vino Fuori metrica: o lo ami o lo odi.

    è un vino decisamente fuori dagli schemi. i sentori di salamoia sono davvero accentuati. è un vino davvero interessante, ma attenzione: non è per tutti i palati.

    by: Alessandro D. (20/12/2016) - Vintage 2015

    blend di prestigio

    bouquet di profumicomplesso ed esteso sia come quantità che come profondità. singolare al nasoo, forse perché oltre ai classici sentori si aggiungevano note ampie di frutti di bosco: lampone, ribes mirtillo. Davvero buona