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Situated to the west of the Community of Valencia, lies one of the country's most historic and traditional wine-producing regions. The name given to the denomination of origin comes from the area's two most important towns: Utiel and Requena. Wines from this region were well-known for being powerful and high in alcoholic content which meant they were often used to give body to lighter wines from other regions. This is now past history and, coming right up to date, a number of measures to facilitate modernization and a change of mentality regarding the understanding of wines have given rise to wines with personality and their own character.

One of the strengths of Utiel-Requena lies with its most representative indigenous red grape variety, which is expected to continue giving good results in the future: the Bobal. As a single varietal wine it can seem a little rustic but when blended with Tempranillo, Garnacha or Cabernet Sauvignon, it turns out elegant, warm, rounded wines. White wines are produced to a lesser extent, using the traditional Merseguera with fresh, wild-rural notes, and those made from the Macabeo grape offering more modern properties.

The region is situated to the west of the city of Valencia, some 70 km away, on high ground rising up towards the La Mancha high plateau, which borders its lands. This depression surrounded by wooded mountain ranges, not surprisingly given its location, is subject to continental climatic influences yet tempered down because of proximity to the Mediterranean. Rainfall is relatively low, but good water retention of the brownish-limestone soils ensures perfect ripening of the grapes.

Wine from Utiel-Requena

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