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Montepulciano is one of the most significant red grapes of Central Italy; ancient historical evidence leaves no doubt: the cradle of this vine is Abruzzo, and from here it then spread to neighbouring regions. The grapes ripen late, are usually harvested during the first weeks of October, the pulp is protected by a thick purple skin, very pruinose and rich in anthocyanins that give the wine an intense ruby red colour, although with frequent and lasting purple hues. The main features that the quality wines obtained from Montepulciano have in common are extractive richness, power, olfactory complexity and the presence of dense but velvety tannins, which enrich a bouquet that ranges from bitter almond to red jam, spices to balsamic vinegar. As often happens, depending on the vinification techniques, from this grape wines can be obtained of immediate pleasantness, or more complex products, of great body, that can withstand a long evolution; in any case, they are often excellent value for money.

In Abruzzo it is more dense and immediate in the hilly areas in contact with the Adriatic climate, while it has a more marked mineral tension and a vocation for ageing when it comes from the mountain areas such as the Peligna valley, the vineyards of Capestrano and the more inland areas of Casauria. Widespread in other Adriatic regions, it has a persuasive softness in Piceno, where it gives life to Rosso Piceno in blends with Sangiovese, and with great austerity in the Marche, around Conero, where it acquires a majestic personality, with solid structure, full minerality and strong tannin, and consequently with a particular predisposition to barrel ageing and long ageing.

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