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Super Tuscan

The red wines that have brought Tuscany to the world. And with it all of Italy. The perfect combination of French style, Italian austerity and Mediterranean warmth

If there is a region in Italy that has been able to renew itself with its production of innovation over tradition, that region is Tuscany. Here the secular history of viticulture, embodied by his majesty the Sangiovese, adapted perfectly with very advanced pioneering experimentation, which led to the study of never-before-seen blends between indigenous and international, but also, everyone knows, to producing world-class excellence with only the latter grapes.

What is a Super Tuscan? 

Good question! In fact, this category does not meet any specifications, no specific geographical area, no specific production technique. It is a typology born and regulated by the experience of the best Tuscan winemakers and oenologists

In general, however, there are constants. Super Tuscan is a red wine that is aged for at least a year in small barrels, often partly new, according to Bordeaux usage. It is produced with native grapes (for example Sangiovese aged in barriques) or international grapes (especially Bordeaux), or from the blend of the two. 

A young but successful story 

Given that at the beginning these types of wine were not included in the specifications of the historical Tuscan denominations, still today these wines are often bottled without the DOC appellation, i.e. as table wines, or as regional, generic DOCs, even though they often represent the winery’s supreme quality, the highest expression of the cru or of the territory

The Super Tuscan, in fact, which was born thanks to experiments such as Sassicaia in Bolgheri in 1968 (85% cabernet sauvignon and 15% franc) or Tignanello in Chianti Classico in 1971 (prevalence of sangiovese aged in barriques), is today for many wineries a wine-brand, whose name alone has such a strong international identity and influence that it does not need a denomination to identify it. 

The Super Tuscan areas 

The very fact of not responding to a specification has always favoured the creative freedom of producers, who have gradually churned out wines of this type in every corner of Tuscany, from Maremma to Chianti, from the Florentine hills to the mining valleys of the south. 

The relatively rapid success of these wines with their young history - the Parker 100/100 obtained by Sassicaia 1985 is the stuff of legends - has multiplied their followers. Some areas, such as Bolgheri and the surrounding areas of Bibbona and Suvereto, have become home to Bordeaux grapes, which here they express themselves with Mediterranean structure and complexity and with mineral nuances of great elegance. Wines that have become collectors' items

In other areas, such as Chianti, the Super Tuscans interpret the typical Sangiovese soils with extraordinary straightness, taking its place between alberese and galestro. Elsewhere, the Super Tuscan has successfully experimented with the potential of French non-Bordeaux vines, such as Syrah in Cortona, near Montepulciano.

Legendary wines, which have been winning international prizes for decades now, competing with the older brothers on the other side of the Alps. But they are also wines for everyone, of increasingly remarkable value for money, which ably combine the austerity of the great vines, their strong tannins and their pungent vegetableness with a broad softness and mellowness, a wine you never tire of drinking