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Sparkling Red Wines for Summer

Discover the best sparkling red wines for summer with our top selections. Perfectly balanced, fruity, and refreshing, these wines are ideal for any occasion.

Red wine glasses

Sparkling red wine is a fascinating and often overlooked option in the world of wine. With its effervescence and richness of flavour, it offers a unique experience that combines the best of red and sparkling wines. We would like to share with you our selection of the best sparkling red wines.

What is sparkling red wine?

Sparkling red wine is a variety that combines the robust characteristics of red wine with the vivacity of bubbles. These wines are fruity, refreshing, and balanced acidity, making them ideal for various occasions, from celebrations to informal dinners.

Selection criteria

To select the best sparkling red wines, we have considered:

  • Quality and taste: The complexity and balance of the wine.
  • Production method: Preference for traditional methods.
  • Reputation of the winery: The history and practices of well-known wineries.
  • Recognition and awards: Wines that have received praise from critics and competitions.

The Best Sparkling Red Wines


How to Enjoy Sparkling Red Wine

To enjoy sparkling red wine to the full:

  • Ideal serving temperature: Serve between 8-12°C.
  • Glass typology: Use flute glasses to preserve the effervescence.
  • Additional tip: Avoid shaking the bottle and serve slowly to maintain the bubbles.


At Vinissimus, sparkling red wine is a versatile and exciting option to explore. From Lambrusco's elegance to sparkling Gamay's richness, there is an option for every palate and occasion. We invite you to try these recommended wines and enjoy their unique flavours.



What is sparkling wine?
A sparkling wine is a type of wine that contains carbon dioxide, which gives it its bubbly characteristic.
What is the difference between a sparkling wine and a traditional red wine?
The main difference lies in the presence of bubbles in sparkling wine, which gives it a unique and distinctive texture.

What is the ideal pairing for a red sparkling wine?
This type of wine is usually paired with dishes such as grilled red meats, strong cheeses or even desserts with red fruits.

Why do red sparkling wines have such a special colour?
The intense red colour is due to the skins of the grapes used during the fermentation of the must.

How long can a red sparkling wine be stored before consumption?
Generally, these wines are ready to be consumed as soon as they are put on the market, but some can improve over time if they are stored properly.

Which are the most famous wine regions for producing red sparkling wines?
Some notable regions include Champagne in France, La Rioja in Spain and Oltrepò Pavese in Italy.


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