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2021 Peñín Guide: the best wines of Spain

A very thorough guide which includes the ratings and evaluations of... 10,400 wines! An amazing number and a truly exhaustive snapshot of Spanish wine

2021 Peñín Guide

Spanish wines continue to evolve, moving firmly forward, and offering an ever-growing variety of styles. The Peñín tasting team has been picking up on this in recent editions and has clearly highlighted it again this year. With every day that passes there are more new projects and wineries springing up in the market, delivering excellent wines even from the first vintage, and this includes many youngsters, immensely passionate and extremely knowledgeable, who are running these ventures. Not only the new but also the time-honoured producers are continuing to put a huge amount of effort into having a better understanding and an improved interpretation of their vineyards, giving viticulture more emphasis than work carried out in the winery. 

Figuring among the denominations with higher ratings on average in this edition are Jerez, Cava, the Priorat and Rías Baixas. Top places on the podium are no longer the prerogative of the most well-established denominations nor the most famous names, although for sure only the best producers are able to demonstrate their expertise by producing excellent wines even in the most complicated vintage years