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Orange Wine from the Condado de Huelva

Known in Spanish as vino de naranja or vino naranja, this is an aromatised sweet wine which has a long tradition in Andalucía, especially in the Condado de Huelva, where it comes under the protection of its own denomination of origin, thereby distinguishing it from Orange wine (often an amber colour due to the white grape skins being left on during fermentation). It’s produced using a base of sweet white wine to which wine alcohol macerated with orange peel is added. This is left to age in oak butts for at least two years by means of the traditional solera system (the criadera y solera racks used for ageing sherry). It proves a superb aperitif, served with ice and a slice of orange, a fine accompaniment to stronger cheeses as well as a superb dessert wine.

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/ 0.5 L btl