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Bodegas Aura

Bodegas Aura

Located in the municipal district of Rueda, near Tordesillas, Bodega Aura is dedicated exclusively to the production of white wines. Since its foundation in the year 2000, its wines have benefitted from a century-old tradition and have been recognised as among the most expressive of the Rueda denomination.

The Velasco family has been cultivating these plots and vineyards for several generations and has been one of the driving forces in developing the region. The estate comprises 32 ha of owned vineyards which are divided into 24 ha of the indigenous Verdejo variety and 8 ha of Sauvignon Blanc, which endows the wines with floral nuances. Aura's older vines, now 25 years-old, give the wine structure and consistency on the palate, and are complemented by fruit from the younger vineyards, providing a greater input of aroma and fruitiness. Situated at an altitude of 730 metres on the Castilian high plain, these vineyards find themselves exposed to long cold winters and very hot summers, with big differences in day and night temperatures, which contributes to the grapes attaining remarkable balance in their biological development. The land under plantation is gravelly and divided into parcels that have been classified in order to extract the terroir's true personality and express this in the wines.

Bodegas Aura is one of the few wineries around the world which conducts night-time harvesting. This results in the wines acquiring special elegance and an unusual fullness, as well as a fruity, fresh flavour and youthful aromas.

  • EnologistTeresa Rodríguez

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