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Wines from Bodega Vinessens

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Wines from Bodega Vinessens

Vinessens is a small family winery whose owners Andrés Carull and Marta Ribera produce signature and/or garage wines with an ecological philosophy.

With a shared passion and way of understanding wine, Andrés and Marta use organic agricultural methods, with the utmost respect for nature and traditional grape varieties, to create wines which surprise even the most experienced wine-lovers. The contrast between the nearby Mediterranean and the altitude of their vineyards in the Alt-Vinalopó region of the province of Alicante creates modern and expressive wines born from the best Alicante wine-making traditions, but with a vision clearly focused on the future and the international market. For example, the new tendency of vinifying wines in large clay jars is a common practise at the Vinessens winery.

In 2017, Marta and Andrés bought the Casa Balaguer estate from renowned winemaker Rafa Bernabé, with the aim of producing great wines in a style similar to those Rafa had made during his time making wine here. Care for the environment and traditional varieties continued to be the key to this project which, though it may have renewed names and labels, still maintains the unique and innovative spirit with which Rafa produced wines here for almost twenty years. Along these lines Vinessens has continued to produce splendid wines based on a philosophy of modesty and as little intervention as possible.

Tragolargo and El Telar are two excellent examples of the style of wines made by Marta and Andrés, both of whom come from families with a long-standing history of winemaking. Both wines are made with the seductive Monastrell grape. Tragolargo is a fresh, elegantly austere, spicy and enveloping wine, whereas El Telar is floral, mineral and very moreish. Two wines showing the way to a new and fascinating horizon for Alicante wines.

  • Year founded2008
  • Own vineyards:70
  • Bottles produced per year180000
Bodega VinessensBodega Vinessens