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Agostina Pieri

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Agostina Pieri

A typical Italian family-run business, the history of this estate is inseparable from Agostina, a sincere and sincere expression of generosity and competence applied to the world of wine-making. Founded in 1991 from the distribution of family funds, the Winery benefited from the involvement of Agostina's sons: Jacopo, who deals with the agronomic part, and Francesco, who is active in the cellar.

Centred on the principle of "less is more", the Agostina Pieri's Winery deals solely with the production of wine and oil, without the frippery of accommodation or an agritourism. Here, in Piancornello, on the Montalcino side facing Maremma, the Winery has about 11 hectares of vineyard, subdivided, after careful soil studies into five separately-worked plots. The most common component of the land is clayey and skeletal, with an altitude between 160 and 230 metres.

Agostina Pieri's wines are a straightforward and authentic expression of the perfect interconnectedness between territory and technology. Succulent but dynamic, with rounded tannins but exceptionally easy to drink, the Rosso di Montalcino is fragrant and full-bodied at the same time, reaping the benefits from a year in a large barrels that domesticates and completes it.

Perfectly embodying the ideal of a fresh and slick Sangiovese, the Brunello, which chez Pieri takes on the contours of a great classical wine, masterfully warm and structured. Textured and decisive, it ranges from cherry to aromatic herbs, from liquorice to cocoa, from leather hides to minerals. On the palette, the strongest of the Montalcino "marine wines" shines through. It is tangy but powerful, smooth, velvety, also thanks to the two years in large barrels followed by 18 months in bottle.

  • Year founded1991
  • Own vineyards:11
  • EnologistFabrizio Moltard
  • Bottles produced per year50000
Agostina PieriAgostina Pieri