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Also known as ribolla nera, schioppettino is an ancient native Friulian red grape variety, which owes its name to the crunchiness of its berries or to the fact that its lively acidity once caused a refermentation in the bottle with the consequent formation of "crackling" bubbles. Cited since 1282, schioppettino is cultivated a little bit throughout the middle eastern Friulian hills, although the cru of reference, where it manages to express itself with greater complexity and structure, is located in the town of Prepotto, not far from Cividale. The wine stands out for its subtle natural spiciness, for its generally fragrant aromas, with puffs of berries, for its medium structure and light tannin. It has pronounced acidity and good drinkability, but with ageing in wood, which is increasingly practiced to enhance it, it takes on deeper and more complex notes of morello cherries and black pepper, as well as, of course, a smoother smoothness on the palate.

Schioppettino wines