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Carmenère is a variety that is often considered typically Chilean. Actually, this grape is part of the Cabernet family, and is in fact native to Bordeaux area. There, however, after phylloxera, it was gradually abandoned, to be rediscovered in other parts of the world, including Chile, and now Italy. The Italian district where the carmenère is best expressed is the Veneto one of the Berici Hills, in the Vicenza area.  On these gentle hills it has found the ideal place where to reach full ripeness of the grapes and develop the most precious and typical aromas: spices and black pepper, surpassing those notes of green pepper that are often considered characteristic of this variety. Once considered a kind of cabernet franc in Italy, today it is valued (also in the Franciacorta area) as a fresh, fragrant and crunchy wine or as a more classy and structured red wine, which benefits from being aged in wooden containers of various sizes.

Carmenère wines