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Volcanic wines

Lunar landscapes, centuries-old vines and extreme soils produce mineral wines of superlative class and great longevity

The influence of volcanos on vineyards is one of the oldest and most fascinating aspects of winemaking, offering us unique and inimitable wines. Wines from volcanic soils are enriched with an unusual salinity which gives the wines a strong minerality over time. The different origins of volcanic soils means they have different structures, acidities, and chemical make-ups, but they all have one thing in common: an abundance of mineral elements.

Historical vineyards, often ungrafted, planted over the centuries and which have survived phylloxera. But also ancestral terraces, which up to considerable altitudes, even over 600 metres, produce wines of heroic beauty. These are tough lands, black, compact, dangerous. What's their one constant? A minerality which is straightforward, decisive, with a dominant and impetuous backbone of freshness and verticality, both in whites and reds, austere, sharp. Herbs, sulphur, salts, flint: are you ready for an… explosive trip in the world of wine?