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Sorelle De Nicola

Sorelle De Nicola

The winery was founded in 1964 by Maria Feyles and Antonio de Nicola, her son-in-law. They first invested in the purchase of the Montesommo vineyard, a parcel of land in the village of Neive, in the heart of Barbaresco production area. Other parcels have been progressively acquired in the Langhe hills, and the company now owns more than 7ha of vineyards. They are planted mostly with Nebbiolo grapes, along with Barbera and Dolcetto grapes. Overall, the annual production amounts to roughly 50 000 bottles per year.

The company has consistently shown its dedication to tradition, in the vineyards as well as in the winery. The goal has always been to produce distinctive wines, true expression of the grapes and of the local terroir. To achieve this objective in the vineyards, the rows of vines are tall and well-spaced so that the grapes maximize their sunlight exposure, and in the winery, the maceration lasts long, resulting in higher extraction; ageing is carried out in Slavonian oak barrels of medium capacity, without using any Barriques; the number of operations is kept to a minimum, not to interfere with the natural development of the wine.

All grapes come from our own vineyards, located in several villages on the Langhe hills, in the surroundingd of Alba. The rows are high and well spaced, and the vines well distanced from each other. Weeds are controlled through light plowing, with no use of herbicides.

In the Barbaresco area, in the village of Neive, lay the vineyards of Montesommo and Borgese. Enjoying a souht-west exposure, with a combined surface of around 2 ha, they were planted in 1971 with Nebbiolo.

In the village of Monforte d’Alba lay the vineyard Serra, planted in 2004 with Nebbiolo. It extends for about 1 ha, on the top of a hill 380m high, and on a steep slope with a south-west exposure. The soil is a mixture of clay and sand.

In the Barolo area, in the village of Novello, lay the vineyard Vénola, which derives its name from the little stream running at the bottom of the hill. It was planted with Nebbiolo on a surface of around 2 ha, facing south-east, on soil composed of layers of tuff and quartz sand.

Still in Monforte d’Alba, in the production areas of Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba, lays the Manzoni vineyard. It extends for about 2 ha, planted on the west slope with Barbera, and on the south slope with Dolcetto. Because of the proximity to the Barolo area, both wines are full bodied, with a strong structure and important tannins.