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Monte Rossa

Monte RossaMonte Rossa

Monte Rossa, in Franciacorta, is a splendid oasis where family management, low quantities and high quality are preserved as if by magic, but with hard work and a splendid vocation for the territory and receptivity. The guiding light Emanuele Rabotti, is certainly a unique and exceptional character who carries forward along a philosophy which is straight and direct but at the same time characteristic of Franciacorta, without carrying the useless burden of imitating the unreachable French models. An innovative spirit, Emanuele works on 70 hectares. In the cellar, particular attention is paid to the quality of the grapes to be used for the reserve for the following years, in order to generate constant class, structure and elegance.

The range is full and well distributed. It starts with the Prima, the basic cuvée, light, well chiselled, easy to drink although with excellent minerality. More mature and evolved is the Brut P.R., of good fruit, with a balance of 30% reserve wine from previous harvests. The Flamingo rosé is juicy, sapid and tasty, while the Coupé stands out for its sapidity and great citrus and toasted complexitiy, the homemade pas dosé. Classy but with an almost open-minded drinkability, the Satèn Sansevé, creamy and inviting as per textbook, and obviously, at the top of the range, what always stands out is the great Cabochon, the spearhead, a Franciacorta expression that can only make you fall in love with the great classic Italian method.

  • Year founded1972
  • Own vineyards:70
  • EnologistMassimiliano Piermattei
  • Bottles produced per year500000

Wines from Monte Rossa

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