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Edouard Kressmann arrived in Bordeaux, from his native Prussia, in 1858. He soon became interested in the world of wine and joined a company of wine merchants. Thanks to the experience he gained producing and selling wine, in 1871 he founded Ed. Kressmann & Cie, a trading company which concentrated on extending and diversifying their large catalogue of Grands Cru wines, specializing in lesser-known wineries with great potential. Château La Pierrière, in the Castillon - Côtes de Bordeaux appellation, was one of their first partners and this relationship still operates today.

Convinced that by combining different crus from similar terroirs, he would produce excellent blended wines, he created Kressmann Monopole Dry in 1897, the oldest Bordeaux wine still on the market today. Over a century of hard work ever since then up to modern times and the launch of their Grande Reserve range in 1990, exclusively dedicated to great Bordeaux terroirs, has led to Kressmann becoming a reference company for blended wines and a champion of the rich variety of Bordeaux appellations. The company created the Kressmann Selection in 2011, made up of a single-variety Merlot and a single-variety Chardonnay. The selection received an enthusiastic welcome from the international market and created new commercial openings for the firm.

At present, Kressmann is an authentic reference point for Bordeaux wines and a leading company in the catering sector. The company founded many years ago by Edouard Kressmann is nowadays a guarantee of good wines at affordable prices. An ideal starting point for the general public to enter the complex world of Bordeaux wines.