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Wine from Josmeyer

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Wine from Josmeyer

Josmeyer is one of Alsace's purest and most discerning producers and Jean Meyer, a passionate vine grower who started applying biodynamic methods very early on and without putting this forward for marketing purposes: the biodynamic way was an essential principle for Jean Meyer.

Jean-Meyer passed away in January 2016 and today it's his daughters Céline and Isabelle (winemaker), already involved in the business for years, who are keeping continuity regarding the wines created by their father. Having inherited the same passion, Céline and Isabelle are dedicated to the family enterprise with the same conviction as their father: to do their best and always listen to nature.

The winery is located in Wintzenheim, a wine-growing town near Colmar and a place that has its own microclimate, with one of the lowest rainfalls in France. Here they grow the traditional regional varieties: Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Muscat, Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Negro, and also Pinot Auxerrois, being among the few to champion it. Their finest vineyards are the Hengst and Brandt, two exceptional Grand Crus.

Josmeyer, or Jean Meyer specifically, was a wine poet, an inspired cook, and a lover of beauty in all its forms, and this artistic spirit is reflected in his wines, both inside and outside the bottle. His different wine collections display visually attractive labels, featuring the works of young artists, and bear names linked to poetry and art in general. Innovative, creative and exacting, these wines are austere and dry, and over time present great elegance and finesse; they're not heavy, have excellent acidity, and are of course harmonious and very gastronomic.

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