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I Borboni

The history of Asprinio, an autochthonous Campania white vine from the Aversa area, is incredible. Almost extinct, it is due to the Numeroso family, at the helm of the I Borboni winery, not only its recovery, but also the rise to a consensus so wide as to deserve prestigious awards such as the Quattro Viti of the Italian Sommelier Association. An authentic biodiversity heritage, Asprinio is still bred with masts, that is, as in antiquity, with vines clinging to trees. Centenary, pre-phylloxeric vines that strenuously resist in a context where it is not yet easy to do business and produce quality.

The cellar, in the historic center of Lusciano, respects all the canons of the local tradition. Starting with winemaking in grottes, another typical feature of Asprinio. Asprinio means "sour". And in fact this grape has a natural acidity which makes it exceptional not only in the long term, in aging, but also as a spumante base. But the hardness of Asprinio is not only due to the grape variety. It also has to do with the terroir. Which is sandy and almost entirely volcanic. And, moreover, growing has something to do with it, because the distance between the root and the bunch found in the vines clinging to the trees forces the grapes to mature, so to speak, which is always partial, green, vegetable. And therefore tense, vertical, sharp wines. Of extraordinary territorial drinking.

  • Year founded1986
  • EnologistGianluca Tommaselli
  • Bottles produced per year80000