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Terra Vita Vinum

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Terra Vita Vinum

Set up and run by the Richou family over many generations, Domaine Richou has continually improved its winemaking for decades, becoming one of the most significant wineries in Anjou. In 2009 they converted their vine-growing to organic agriculture methods, increasing the quality of their terroirs even further. When Didier Richou retired in 2019, the new hands in charge of the winery decided to create a new project: Terra Vita Vinum.

Following Didier's retirement, three winemakers passionate about new changes in the world of wines - Bénédicte Petit, Christophe Aubineau and Luc Briand – joined with his younger brother Damien Richou to make the most of the winery's experience and know-how and continue moving production along the lines of ecological methods. This resulted in a complete transition to biodynamic winemaking in 2020. Although the firm has maintained the Richou signature, they have adopted a new name and logo to symbolize this change and focus on the values behind their work: Terra Vita Vinum. This new style of Richou wines has been rated among the very best organic wines in France, receiving a star in the Guide Vert 2021 of La Revue du Vin de France magazine, adding to the prestige of the Anjou Noir and Savennières appellations in the Loire Valley. 

The Domaine Terra Vita Vinum estate is structured around seven different terroirs located in the Anjou Noir region of the Loire, to the south of Angers: Bigottière (white wine from Savennières); Pavillon (white wines); Gabouchons / Violets (red and white wines); Rogeries (whites); Grand Vau (whites); Châteliers / Chant de la pierre (reds); and Chauvigné (white,  red and rosé wines).  Virtually all the fermentation and ageing process is carried out in stainless steel, with native yeast and no external interventions. The resulting wines are pure expressions of their terroirs, each with a distinctive profile but sharing a splendidly delicious elegance.

  • Year founded1979