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Cantina Sociale di Sorbara

Cantina Sociale di SorbaraCantina Sociale di Sorbara

The Cantina Sociale di Carpi e Sorbara cooperative was born in 2012 from the coming together of two historical cooperatives; Carpi, dating back to 1903, and Sorbara, producing wine from 1923 onwards. Over one thousand wine-growers form part of this enterprise, fully conscious of the importance of Lambrusco wines for this area and the hugely significant social role they play. A symbol of the Italian smile, Lambrusco offers a pleasant sensation of joy with its red or rosé sparkling bubbles which the cooperative works hard to produce in a variety of styles.

Over 1,200 grape growing members, 6 wineries, and an annual production of over 45 million litres are the huge numbers behind this great cooperative which also exports a lot of its production, even across the Atlantic. Three Premium Lambruscos stand out among their wide but wisely-chosen range of wines. Lambruscos from the Salamino di Santa Croce appellation, dedicated to Alfredo Molinari. one of the founders of the Carpi cooperative, are the typical dry and well-structured red frizzantes (sparkling wines), ideal to accompany a good homemade lasagne. Secondly, the pleasant rosé sparkling wines made with the Charmat method in homage to Gino Friedmann, another key promoter of cooperatives and wine production in the early 1900s, are single-variety wines made from Lambrusco di Sorbara grapes and have a more intense sparkle, more suitable for an aperitif.  Last but not least, recovering old traditions, we have the Sorbara 100% rosé Lambrusco with subtle and seductive hints of yeast thanks to a second fermentation in the bottle, and finished off with its iconic string-tied cork.

  • Year founded2012
  • Own vineyards:400
  • EnologistMauro Pivetti, Daniele Artioli
  • Bottles produced per year3000000