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In the Casale Monferrato district, Tenuta della Mandoletta estate is the great challenge which the Bonzano family has successfully met. Here Enrico, with the fundamental assistance of his passionate wife Simonetta Ghia and oenologist Donato Lanati, in 2011 created a wine reality among the most dynamic and suggestive of Monferrato. Within the evocative landscape of hill vineyards and infernots (underground rooms hand carved into the stone for storing wine) dug into the rock, Monferrato, in the Bonzano interpretation, offers agile and pleasant wines, with evident varietal characteristics and of particularly marked elegance.

The Hosteria label, the house Monferrato Rosso, is made by Donato Lanati, and represents the core of the production philosophy of this wine: "We wanted to call this wine Hosteria, but in the same way it could be called Incontro or Amicizia. Throughout the whole twentieth century the Osteria was the main place for meeting and socialisation, but above all of hospitality, hence the name. This elegant and simple wine, refined and light, was designed to please everyone, connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs, to bring joy and harmony to those who drink it".

The unique 7-hectare body of the Mandoletta, the result of the skilful recovery of this corner of Monferrato, therefore produce easy-to-drink wine, capable of extracting the most convivial features from the low and gentle hills of the territory and their harmonious climate. Known for its scientifically rigorous orientation, with Hosteria Lanati wanted to create the ideal union between the native Barbera and the international Pinot Noir, enhancing in a complementary and harmonious way the polyphenolic structure of the former and the tannic and aromatic elegance of the latter. The result is a wine of a beautiful, vivid ruby colour, with a delicate bouquet in its fragrant floral notes and fresh red fruit. It is a wine which is easy to drink and great for social events, fresh and mineral but at the same time dynamic and juicy.

  • Own vineyards:20
  • EnologistDonato Lanati

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