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According to many, due to its minerality and longevity, timorasso is the most important white grape in Piedmont, actually among the best in Italy. Speaking of the minerality of timorasso, a native grape of the Tortona hills in south-eastern Piedmont, generalisations are not usually made, but reference is made to specific notes of resin, hydrocarbon and flint that, over the years, evolve admirably into extraordinary complexity. In the area since the fourteenth century, it has repeatedly risked extinction, as its cultivation, very sensitive to rotting and other diseases, is extremely difficult, and yields are limited. Thanks to the conservative ageing in steel only on the lees, timorasso gives a wine that is not easy to read in its youth, which also needs years to express itself with all its class. When young, in fact, it can appear bitterish, vegetal and nervous, but with age it gives a full, structured, clear, vertical palate, with persistent acidity and an almond finish of great elegance.

Timorasso Wine