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In a white-wine region like Friuli, red grapes have struggled to find space. And yet Friuli is a land of many native reds. Among these, pignolo is certainly the one with the greatest ambitions of complexity, structure and evolution. It has been documented since the Middle Ages in the Rosazzo area, among the eastern hills of Friuli, even if its name, which derives like all similar ones from the cone (”pigna” in Italian) shape of the bunch, does not allow the correct identification with the grapes that today we call it in these parts. The enhancement of pignolo, which in the 1930s Professor Dalmasso called "luxury", is however quite recent, if we consider that the variety, after phylloxera, risked extinction. A delicate grape to be treated with care both in the vineyard and in the cellar, pignolo gives a ruby-coloured wine more or less intense depending on maceration, with wide and complex aromas of red jam, violet, morello cherry, plum, humus, undergrowth, with vegetal, animal and balsamic echoes with evolution. Able to express even tertiary aromas, it manifests a powerful palate of fine tannin, but also elegant and velvety, especially if aged for a while in wood, even small, which in the most selected cases can be prolonged for several years before it is ready to sell.

Pignolo Wine