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Mantonico is a very ancient white grape variety perhaps of Greek origin, considered today the native grape of the Locri area, that is, the southern Ionic coastal stretch of Calabria. An area with a particularly hot and dry Mediterranean climate, so much so that mantonico is known above all, thanks to the resistance of the grapes, as a drying vine. After a sometimes-oxidative ageing process, it produces a dark amber sweet white with notes of dried fruit, very salty and slightly tannic. The dry vinified versions express in turn the peculiar character of the grapes: they are full-bodied whites, with notes of citrus, ripe fruit, peach, apricot, with a pronounced tendency to evolve towards ethereal and mineral scents. Always very acidic on the palate - spumante wines are also trialled - it is always sapid and citrusy, which gives it, despite its beautiful structure, smoothness and drinkability.

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