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The bordò, typical of the Piceno area and in particular of Cupramontana and Ripatransone, is, like the cannonau, one of the Italian versions of grenache, perhaps the rarest, certainly the most sought after and unusual. Here, between the sea and the mountains, a red is born that, like few, is able to combine structure and elegance, power and finesse. The bordò produces a material wine, structured and concentrated, dense ruby red with notes of rosemary, blueberry, chocolate, with hints of citrus and sweet spice in the usual case of aging in wood. On the palate, however, it reveals a snappy temperament, which is associated with the quite imposing body: surprisingly fresh, it has good tannic texture and a Mediterranean feel in the sapidity and aromatic returns. Opulent and satisfying, it closes with almond, with hints of cinchona.

Bordò wines

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