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The magnificent 7 Navarra wines

Seven internationally renowned wonders. A range of prices but all with excellent value-for-money

Navarra wines: 7 high-scoring treasures

Located between the all-powerful DOC Rioja region and the eager-to-please Aragon wines, the DO Navarra appellation often goes unnoticed. However, few winemaking areas are capable of producing great wines of almost any style (rosé, aged whites, reds, dessert wines...) using both traditional varieties like Grenache, Tempranillo, Muscat and Graciano or well-known French grapes such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Historic wine producers in the area embrace with open arms the fresh energy of more modern wineries prepared to continue the long-standing tradition of splendid Navarra wines. Wines from this region have always enjoyed a reputation of offering excellent value-for-money, but perhaps it is not so well-known that it is easy to find internationally prestigious treasures here for relatively affordable prices. Wine-lovers have discovered that Navarra wines go far beyond their famous rosés. The dry climate in the south of the region gives Navarra wines their verve whereas the cooler north ensures their elegance and freshness. Red, white and dessert wines from Navarra stand among the most personal wines in Spain, especially when made by the best local wineries. We offer you a choice of wines from the very best of them, a selection of wines which deserve to be known as the Magnificent Seven Navarra wines.