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Keeping wine good after opening

Learn how to store your opened wine correctly!

Bottles of wine in boxes. Photo by Piotr Arnoldes from Pexels.

How to keep wine good after opening it? This is one of the questions that wine enthusiasts ask most frequently. A wine bottle's quality and flavour gradually change as soon as it is opened. As a result, it is crucial to understand how to store wine once it has been opened to keep it as fresh as possible.

In this article, Certified Sommelier Chris Parker will go over how to store wine once it's been opened so that it can stay in top condition.

Use stopper

The first and most important thing is if you aren't going to finish a bottle of wine in a single sitting, make sure you get a stopper on the wine. 

Two black glass bottles on top of the brown wooden barrel. Photo by Rodrigo Abreu from Unsplash.

You can put the screw cap back on or the cork in the bottle. Or even better, you can invest in stoppers that allow you to suck the air out of the bottle. This is going to help the wine last for an extra couple of days versus not doing this.

Store in the fridge

The other tip is to put your red wine in the fridge as well as your white wine. This will help slow down the rate of oxidation and keep the wine fresher and fruity for longer but do remember to take the wine out of the fridge a couple of hours before you drink it so that it can warm back up to room temperature.

In short, storing wine correctly once it has been opened is crucial to preserving its flavour and quality. Whether you store it in the fridge or cork the bottle, it's important to follow the right guidelines to ensure your wine stays fresh and ready to drink. 

Now that you know how to store your opened wine, you can enjoy it without fear the next time.