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How to Lie Down Wine to Age It?

Our sommelier offers you simple instructions on how to properly preserve wine for optimal ageing.

Circular wall full of niches filled with wine bottles for ageing. In the centre of the photo, standing upright, an old barrel with bunches of white grapes on top. Photo by Thomas George from Unsplash.

Wine ageing can be a daunting procedure for those who are unfamiliar with it, but with the assistance of a certified sommelier Chris Parker, you can learn how to set wines down for ageing in the right manner. Chris will impart his knowledge and experience in this post to outline the principles of lying down wine to properly age it.

So the term “laying down” comes from the fact, that we're going to store the bottle of wine on its side to keep the cork moist.

This is going to stop any oxygen from getting in or out of the wine and spoiling it over the years that it's lying down.

Storage temperatures

We also want to remember to store it somewhere cool and somewhere dark.

Changing temperatures are really bad for wine, so somewhere consistently cool and dark is really important, particularly if it's around 10 to 14 degrees maximum.

If you follow these tips and tricks and you get a good bottle of wine, you're going to be able to enjoy it and watch it evolve really happily for five to ten years, twenty and beyond in some cases.

In conclusion, with a bit of patience and some careful planning anybody can take their wine-drinking experience to the next level. Ageing wine is an exciting journey that can result in amazing flavour profiles and completely new experiences.

So whether or not you're drinking today or you're going to lie, wind down for the future, I hope you enjoy that bottle. Cheers!