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Bag in Box, the future of wine?

Bag in Box wines

Bag in Box wines, packed full of advantages

Here at Vinissimus we love new innovative ideas and today's proposal is undoubtedly the perfect option for many wine-lovers and many different occasions. A new format ideal for enjoying wine with friends or family, it is a perfect way to present the everyday local wines we often drink at home. A great way to serve the kind of wines families put on the dining table in a jar on weekdays – without forgetting the more prestigious special wines in bottles we save for the weekend or a special event.

As we all agree, wine is not just another drink. Thousands of years of traditions, history, culture and know-how are present in every glass, but time moves on and with it come changes both in winemaking and packaging. Ever since winemakers worldwide discovered the Bag in Box method of presenting wine, there has been no going back. The conservative and tradition-loving world of wine has seen the advantages of making this change – let's make a toast to progress!

What is Bag in Box?


As the name says, Bag in Box is basically a bag inside a box. The bag is made from layers of recyclable plastic which protect the wine from oxidation and light and has a small tap for serving. The bag is placed inside a box to protect it from light or other kinds of damage. The box is an ideal shape for transporting the wine as well as providing a perfect place for an eye-catching design to promote the wine.


Advantages of Bag in Box wines


  • Fresher, longer: the main advantage to Bag in Box is that wines will keep fresh for a long time (up to 6 weeks) after opening as they are designed to prevent air from entering the bag while serving. The wine remains in an excellent condition for drinking much longer than bottled wine, which oxides relatively quickly once you have uncorked it.  
  • Easy to transport: the perfect shape to be easily piled up for storing, and handy for carrying. Much lighter and stronger than glass bottles, there is less chance of breakages. 
  • More hygienic: Bag in Box containers are made with single-use sterilized materials.  
  • Excellent value for money: cheaper packaging and more wine than in a bottle means boxed wines always offer great value for money.  
  • Reduced environmental impact: with less waste and the possibility of recycling materials, the Bag in Box system has a low environmental impact.