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Italian wines: the 2021 "4 Viti"

These are the wines awarded the highest score by the Italian Sommelier Association

Italy has a solid tradition when it comes to sommeliers. The Italian Sommelier Association was founded in 1965 and was one of the first organisations in the world to give form and a rule book to the art of tasting, serving and describing wine. Over the same years the association created teaching programs and tasting sheets for the training of new sommeliers, and this platform is now recognised as one of the most effective at international level, so much so that, in Italy, graduates from the association's courses receive a formal, legally recognised certificate of professional qualification. 

Vitae is the title not only of an in-depth magazine, but also of the Italian wine guide published by the Italian Sommelier Association since 2015. Together with Gambero Rosso, Espresso and Slow Wine, it is considered one of the most authoritative guides to Italian wine. It expresses its judgements on a scale of one to four stylised vines and reports on the tasting of around 30,000 wines each year. The tastings, which are carried out blind, are carried out by the association's own sommeliers, who are qualified to taste professionally. One wine from each region is awarded a special symbolic tastevin each year, in addition to the "4 Viti" as an award for the best regional product.