Delivery (Information and Rates)

Prices 21% VAT incl.

Standard delivery

Delivery in 10-16 working days

Bottles (?) Price Over 200 € (more info)
1 - 6 £90.51
(You save £5.98)
7 - 12 £176.17
(You save £5.98)
13 - 18 £271.89
(You save £13.60)
19 - 24 £362.83
(You save £16.53)
25 - 30 £453.30
(You save £19.97)
31 - 36 £544.12
(You save £23.76)
37 - 42 £634.59
(You save £27.29)
43 - 48 £725.45
(You save £30.90)
49 - 54 £815.96
(You save £34.42)
55 - 60 £906.82
(You save £37.96)
+60 Contact us

Other countries

Country 0-6 btls 7-12 btls 13-18 btls 19-24 btls
Andorra £28.75 £32.28 £36.84 £41.06 More information
Austria £15.41 £23.16 £30.90 £39.60 More information
Belgium £17.17 £25.14 £30.30 £40.42 More information
Bulgaria £33.57 £37.88 £56.82 £65.42 More information
Croatia £33.57 £40.46 £51.52 £68.69 More information
Cyprus £49.88 £76.27 £98.39 £118.49 More information
Czech Republic £33.83 £47.52 £60.17 £73.34 More information
Denmark £31.25 £34.39 £53.16 £57.29 More information
Estonia £30.56 £34.39 £51.52 £55.09 More information
Finland £24.96 £31.85 £45.62 £60.26 More information
France £16.23 £22.85 £38.69 £42.09 More information
Germany Through More information
Greece £29.74 £34.39 £47.73 £56.64 More information
Hungary £19.54 £23.07 £51.52 £55.09 More information
Italy £11.41 £15.93 £20.62 £25.78 More information
Latvia £33.83 £47.52 £60.17 £73.34 More information
Lithuania £33.83 £47.52 £60.17 £73.34 More information
Luxembourg £15.06 £21.91 £28.36 £36.15 More information
Malta £33.83 £47.52 £60.17 £73.34 More information
Netherlands £16.36 £24.96 £36.15 £40.46 More information
Poland £33.83 £47.52 £60.17 £73.34 More information
Portugal £14.63 £17.47 £26.17 £31.25 More information
Romania £36.15 £51.65 £65.42 £80.06 More information
Slovakia £30.56 £34.39 £51.52 £55.09 More information
Slovenia £30.56 £34.39 £51.52 £55.09 More information
Spain £5.98 £5.98 £13.60 £16.53 More information
Sweden £23.20 £26.69 £39.60 £50.79 More information
Switzerland £26.90 £85.65 £99.60 £106.05 More information
United Kingdom £16.23 £20.06 £29.35 £37.53 More information

Transport FAQ

What does transport include?

The rates shown on this page include, apart from the transport and delivery of the ordered products, their packaging in boxes that have been especially designed for bottle transportation, insurance against loss and breakage, and the VAT in those countries and territories where this tax applies.

Do you offer free transportation for a certain number of bottles or fixed amount?

For purchases over 200 Euros we offer delivery free of charge, if the destination is within mainland Spain, or an equivalent discount for other destinations. In order to benefit from the promotion, the order must be placed directly on our website (that is, not by telephone nor via email).

Both wines for purchasing en primeur and wines priced at less than 6 € are excluded from this promotion.

For deliveries within mainland Spain and Germany, since there are two methods of shipping available (standard and pallet), only the most economical (pallet) will be totally free of charge; if pallet delivery is not possible and you must or prefer to choose standard transport, the equivalent discount will be applied.

How long will my order take to arrive?

In Mainland Spain, orders may take 2-3 working days. Orders to the Balearic Islands and to other European countries may take 3-4 working days, while those to the Canary Islands will be delivered within 8-12 working days of placing the order.

Time is counted from 9.00 am of the next working day following the date on which the order was placed (or from the time when Vinissimus receives confirmation of your money transfer if you have chosen this payment method).

What if a bottle breaks on its way to my home?

If a bottle should break during transport, Vinissimus will make all the necessary arrangements to recover all the items you have ordered, and resend your entire order.

If you detect any sign of wetness on the packaging or suspect that any of the bottles may have broken, do not accept delivery and contact us so that we can look into the incident.

Can I ask for them to come at a particular time or to notify me of their arrival time?

Not normally. The terms of our agreement are for a standard, economy-type service (non-urgent), with delivery during the day, from Monday to Friday, and without any prior notice given.

Although the majority of agencies may well accommodate delivery only in the morning or only in the afternoon, this is not always possible and the agency is not obliged to heed this type of request. We recommend that you provide an address where there will always be someone present during the day to take delivery at the first attempt.

In any case, Vinissimus will send you a message as soon as your order leaves our warehouse and, a few hours later, we will provide you with the necessary information for tracking the consignment on the carrier's website and for establishing the expected delivery date.

What if I am not at home when the carrier arrives?

In this instance, the carrier would leave a note with a telephone number so that you could ring to arrange, if possible, another delivery attempt, or organise collection from their warehouse.

It is important to bear in mind that the number of delivery attempts depends upon the agency contracted in each country and can vary from one area to another; for some destinations, they may only try once. It is essential that there is always somebody at the specified address during the day to ensure delivery at the first attempt.

Do I have to pay the carrier anything?

Transport is included in the order's total amount. If you have chosen to pay cash-on-delivery, you will have to pay the total amount to the carrier. If you paid by credit card or bank transfer, you don't have to pay the carrier anything. (For Switzerland, Andorra, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, see Additional Information on local taxes and import duties.)

Can I ask you to send me the bottles in their original wooden box?

As a general rule, it is not possible to send the bottles in their original boxes due to the packaging not being approved for standard transportation and you would be unable to make a claim in the case of a breakage; only consignments in accredited packaging, such as our reinforced cardboard boxes, are covered by transport insurance.

It is only possible to send the original packaging when using the transportation by pallet method. Even so, please contact our Customer Service Department beforehand to ensure that the packaging you want is available.

Can I ask for an urgent delivery and pay the difference?

It depends upon the destination. If you need a type of urgent service or your order to be delivered on a certain date, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Can I ask for delivery to a hotel?

Yes, of course. However, before placing the order, please contact our Customer Service Department so that we can advise you on how to notify the delivery details and help you make arrangements for the consignment to reach the hotel during your stay.