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Barraco Terre Siciliane Zibibbo 2019

Barraco Terre Siciliane Zibibbo


A profound, interesting and very special wine. The Zibibbo from Nino Barraco, made from Muscat of Al...


/ btl 0.75 L

Details for Barraco Terre Siciliane Zibibbo 2019


Alcohol content


Bottle size and vintage

0.75 L - 2019


A profound, interesting and very special wine. The Zibibbo from Nino Barraco, made from Muscat of Alexandria, is a delightful golden colour and originates from vineyards planted on limestone soils, in an area of Marsala lying very close to the sea. Usual for sweet wines produced using this ancient Egyptian variety on the island of Pantelleria, this Trapani version, which is dry, clean and direct, comes as a very agreeable surprise.

The grapes, the land, the sensitivity and craftsmanship of its winemaker are summed up in each bottle of the Barraco Zibibbo: an aromatic grape that reveals most intensely its sweet notes of apricot and date; a special production process, with a short maceration and ageing the wine while in contact with its lees; great minerality, resulting from the large amount of limestone in the soil and closeness to the coast.

In its bouquet it combines varietal notes with aromas typical of the Mediterranean winter (bergamot, grapefruit and lemon), notes of ginger and mint, and hints of tobacco leaves. A structured wine that is fresh, flavoursome, smooth and with a plentiful alcohol content. It's quite an experience to encounter the essence and naturalness of this wine, and when you do, you'll find it very hard to resist.

Food pairing

Frittura di pesce / Pasta con le sarde / Pollo agli agrumi / Impepata di cozze

Tasting notes

  • ViewGiallo dorato
  • Bouquet:Erbe aromatiche / Agrumi / Complesso / Albicocca
  • Mouth:Morbido / Persistente / Sapido / Articolato


  • Optimum serving temperature:Between 10ºC and 12ºC

Customer reviews

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by: Frédéric (14/11/2019) - Vintage 2017

le vrai gout de la sicile.

un magnifique blanc sec de muscat d'alexandrie, tendu et mineral. il est des petits chefs-d'oeuvre qui meriterais la lumière . Bravo Nino.

by: John Parker (08/08/2018) - Vintage 2013

Simply superb!

An outstanding wine with depth and great mineralogy. Wonderful deep colour reminiscent of a fine burgundy. Great value in my opinion.

by: Enrico (14/02/2018) - Vintage 2013

Barracco Zibibbo 2013 un gusto fortemente sapido

Preso come vino da dolce mi sono accorto che invece è un vino da pasto. Ha un gusto fortemente sapido, molto secco. Probabilmente va molto bene abbinato al pesce

by: Frédéric (01/02/2017) - Vintage 2013

Oubliez Marsala (... et aussi Palerme)

Zéro sucre ! Une pointe (très précise) de macération et une vision stratosphérique du muscat d'Alexandrie... plus que sec, épuré, réduit à son essence! C'est bluffant. Bravo M. Barraco, vous êtes un grand vigneron.

by: Vincenzo (23/12/2016) - Vintage 2013

Bel ricordo

Ammaliante sapidità di frutta bianca assolata. Di apprezzabilità facile per molti palati, ideale in abbinamento a pesce ma ovviamente compagno delle conversazioni prima di impiattare la portata. Fresco e chiaro. Siciliano puro.

Nino Barraco

Nino Barraco

Unique wines, with personality, character and clearly marked by territory. These are the premises formulated by Nino Barraco's winery, one of those which has made a bigger investment and to better effect in the organic production of its wines. Originating in Marsala, Nino Barraco's wines are some of Sicily's fundamentals, fruit of an entirely artisanal way of working, directed by Nino at each and every stage, from harvesting to ageing. Organic management of the vineyard, s...