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Valle d'Aosta

Where is Valle d'Aosta

The Valle d'Aosta region is known for its small vineyards and limited production of wine. Wine-making here is a heroic feat with vines clinging to steep hillsides at high altitudes. It has continued through the ages, inheriting traditions from the monasteries and castles which dot the landscape. These wines now reach out far beyond the limits of the valley thanks to their notable international presence. Regarding wine production, alongside the larger cooperative cellars, with their commendable high-quality products, we can now find an ever-growing number of small ingenious independent producers. The local vineyards are typically rich in countless indigenous varieties and thrive on imposing mountain slopes of white stone - excellent allies for the vines due to the range of temperatures found there. The Alpine climate guarantees the vineyards are covered in snow every winter, and that they enjoy the necessary sunlight and temperatures in summer, and sufficient rainfall for a first-rate crop – a prelude to the production of extremely fine wines with depth and an exceptional aromatic complexity.

Wine from Valle d'Aosta

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