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Dragons, roses and legends

Dragons, roses and legends




Legend says that many centuries ago a Roman soldier called George slayed a dragon to save a princess. The dragon's lair was located beside the only spring providing water for the nearby town and it would only allow villagers to use the water in exchange for feeding it two sheep every day. One day, the townsfolk had no more sheep, yet the dragon still needed to be fed. They began to choose human sacrifices and eventually it was the turn of the princess. Fortunately, Saint George came to the town in time to kill the dragon and rescue the princess. From the blood of the dragon, a rose was born.

On 23 April, the day of his death, Saint George's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world with links to the legend and George's work. For instance, he is the patron saint of countries like England, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Georgia, Portugal and Russia, as well as Catalonia where the date has become a special and widely-celebrated tradition where people give each other books and roses to remember the defeated dragon's blood. For this reason, in honour of the brave knight Saint George, we have chosen two wines linked to dragons and roses to celebrate this day.

Can Sumoi La Rosa is an apparently fragile wine just like rose petals gently swaying in the breeze. Brimming with personality, it is a floral and mineral wine with delightful aromas of raspberries and peaches. Our second selection, Drac Màgic (the magic dragon), is a young juicy and fruity red wine with seductive aromas of fruits of the forest, violets and Mediterranean herbs. A wine which Saint George himself would surely have enjoyed.