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Small-scale producers: a bet from Vinissimus

Check out our selection of excellent examples from Spain, Italy and France!

Small wineries, great wines

Although sales of wine for home-drinking increased during the COVID-19 lockdown, these strange months have seen other changes in habits which have adverse effects on small-scale winemakers. As hotels, restaurants and wine stores were closed, most people bought, and buy, their wine at supermarkets whose shelves are dominated by large wineries thanks to their marketing and distribution networks.  

The COVID-19 crisis has had serious effects on small producers who have been unable to distribute and sell their wines through their usual channels in the hospitality industry. These more artisanal wines made by small-scale wineries are not usually found in supermarkets, so their only outlet has been via direct sales to customers and even this has been difficult.   

Wine fairs, wine tasting events... everything has come to a halt, affecting the connections between winemakers and wine consumers. Here at Vinissimus we want to do what we can to help out, to help humble, small-scale winemakers who work constantly using hand-crafted or artisanal methods to produce wines brimming with personality. Today we offer you a selection of some of the best small-scale wines from Spain, Italy and France. And all for prices under €20!