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10 Tintos para una noche de verano

Everyone knows that cool white and rosé wines are an excellent refreshing option for hot summer months, but today we’re going to shake things up and suggest 10 red wines which are also ideal for the summer.

Many different factors come together in a wine to give it a fresh feeling, and the more of them a wine has, the lighter and fresher the feeling. Alcohol content is one such factor. Wines with a lower alcohol content feel less heavy on the mouth. Acidity plays a big role too, and is linked to northern or high-altitude vineyards, early harvests, certain grape varieties, or simply the wine producer’s preferred style. The ten wines we’ve selected for you today are perfect examples of red wines for enjoying all year round; light and refreshing on the palate and ideally served cool around 14º. Personal, complex yet fluid wines, they pair wonderfully with the high summer temperatures.