January 2017 Selection

3 in a row

January 2017 Selection

El Médico 2013 (2 bottles)
Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva 2014 (2 bottles)
Monastrell By El Sequé 2015 (2 bottles)

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About this selection...

If you pick up a ruler and put it on a map of Spain, with one of its edges a few kilometres to the south of León and the other slightly to the west of Alicante, you'd be able to draw a line that would pass very near to Bodegas Bernabeleva, some 45 minutes from Madrid. Along that line, there would be three different realities to experience, three terroirs with their own characters, and three very special grapes which showcase Spain's wine-growing richness.

From the far north of that line come bottles of El Médico 2013, a red Prieto Picudo, a variety of high aromatic intensity, with distinct aromas of wild fruits and flowers, used for a long time purely to produce 'claretes' (light red wines), until certain wineries like Leyenda del Páramo discovered its true potential. Moving downwards, we reach San Martín de Valdeiglesias, a small town in the Community of Madrid where one of the most progressive wineries in recent times is tucked away: Bernabeleva. On its lands, the Garnacha Tinta and Albillo grapes grow in a scenically beautiful spot and absorb all the minerality of the splendid sandy-granite soils. In every glass of Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva 2014, you'll appreciate the profundity of aromas found in a great Garnacha, one that's received meticulous care and able to express itself freely. Within striking distance now of the Mediterranean Sea, there's Artadi, one of Spain's most prestigious producers, combining all its expertise and perennial elegance with the tastiness of the Monastrell grape, to offer us a juicy, spicy red capable of appealing to every good wine enthusiast: the Monastrell by El Sequé 2015.

Whichever angle you take, you're sure to be the winner. Enjoy your three in a row!

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More information

El Médico 2013 (2 bottles)

Young red Crianza. Leyenda del Páramo Castile and León, Spain Prieto Picudo

Bottle: £12.39 club members / £14.33 non-members

El Médico is one of the star wines made by Bodega Leyenda del Páramo, in Valdevimbre, León. Founded in 2010, it came into being because a group of wine-lovers wanted to recover the region's indigenous varieties: the Prieto Picudo and the Albarín Blanco. The vines enjoy the freshness provided by the altitude (900 m), on a site on the northern stretch of the Duero basin, and endure poor quality, pebbly soils; the combination of both factors means that the Leyenda del Páramo wines are as fresh as they are intense.

In the production of El Médico, only Prieto Picudo grapes are used from vines aged more than 60 years old, trained using the local, traditional system: the rastra (with the vine branches trailing on the ground). Harvesting is carried out by hand, with the grapes placed into small, 20-kg crates, and after a careful selection, they undergo a cold pre-maceration for 24 hours and ferment at a controlled temperature. This is followed by malolactic fermentation and afterwards ageing takes place in new and second-use oak barrels.

Tasting a wine made from a minority variety is always a pleasant experience, and even more so when one comes across not only a surprising aromatic array but also a quality not expected. El Médico undoubtedly falls into this category. Right at the start, its lovely purple colour attracts attention. Its tears seem unwilling to glide down the glass and its nose of strawberries and lactic notes are immediately delightful. Forest fruits, blue flowers (lilies) and very fine spices epitomise the aromas of a wine that's very clean-cut, almost chiselled. In spite of its discreet entrance, it grows on the palate in response to a notable acidity that brings to mind ripe blackcurrants. Its mouthfeel is fluid and lively, and touches of paprika and eucalyptus raise it to remarkable levels of freshness and elegance. Ample, balanced and having a restrained and elegant finish in which the oak is simply hinted at, making it easy to continue drinking, sip after sip, and always giving immense satisfaction in return.

Vegetable casseroles / Iberian pork / roasted poultry

  • Alcohol content: 12,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: 16ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2018.

El Médico 2013
Front and back

Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva 2014 (2 bottles)

Young red Crianza. Bodega y Viñedos Bernabeleva Vinos de Madrid, Spain Grenache

Bottle: £9.95 club members / £11.50 non-members

It now seems an undeniable fact that Madrid wines are leaping up the rungs of the ladder in their rapid rise to the pinnacle of Spanish wine quality. Despite its decisive emergence in recent years, Bernabeleva's history dates back to 1923, with the acquisition of the estate which gave its name to the winery. Bernabeleva literally means 'the route of the bear', hence the house's very special logo: a little girl astride a bear.

Respect for nature is paramount at Bernabeleva. The vineyards are treated with respect, in harmony with their surroundings, letting this be what determines the character of the wines. The vineyard is fertilised with the manure from their own cows and all the work done in the field is carried out following the lunar phases. The land can be discerned in all their wines, which are always mineral and honest-to-goodness.

Navaherreros embodies the merits of the different terroirs to be found in San Martín de Valdeiglesias. Produced using the grapes from vines aged between 40 and 80 years old, collected from the individual parcels and vinified separately, each estate undergoes the best process for showcasing its distinctive features, whether it be through oak, concrete or stainless steel.

Its low density and soft cherry colour seem to want to cover up all the character and power of this huge Madrid red. The slowness of its tears make us take a look at the label to check that its alcohol content is indeed high: 15%. However, there's nothing coarse or excessive in this Navaherreros. Its aromas are elegant, very fine; red fruits, orange peel, damp earth and exotic spices. There's also a touch of musk and dust. On the palate, right from the first contact it brings in an acidity that makes it taut, bestowing a deep verticality and juicy, "Garnacha-type" tannins which make it fuller. The finish, highlighting bitter hints, leaves behind it a very long suggestion of red fruits and toasty notes.

Roast lamb / cured cheeses / cured meat

  • Alcohol content: 15,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 14ºC and 16ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2020.

Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva 2014
Front and back

Monastrell By El Sequé 2015 (2 bottles)

Young red Crianza. Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé Alicante, Spain Mourvèdre, Syrah

Bottle: £7.46 club members / £9.07 non-members

Artadi offers us its "By Artadi" range, a series of wines rooted in the indigenous variety and their land of origin: Tempranillo from Álava, Monastrell from Alicante and Garnacha from Navarra. They are wines made from the produce of their own vineyards, those which, although still young, have already reached considerable maturity and provide balanced yields. Single varietal wines that show all the strength of the fruit, maintain the impetus of youth and demonstrate their maturity in the way they express themselves thanks to a respectful ageing.

Assuming that blind tasting a wine always proves to be a surprising and stimulating experience, the tasting of this Monastrell from Artadi was particularly special. These sensations increased with the first sip, on realising we recognised something familiar about the wine; the whole tasting team was united in pointing this out to be a particularly elegant wine. Its Mediterranean profile was evident, dominated by the first rays or maybe the last of the Levant sun; just the right amount of warmth, cooled by the breeze of the Alicante coast.

Its density is low and its cherry colour with violet glints can't conceal the small percentage of Syrah which adds an extra touch of internationality and lusciousness. Its nose is complex, definitely Mediterranean: it smells of strawberry trees, pines and rosemary, liquorice and blackberries. It's fresh from beginning to end on the palate, true that the fruit is rather ripe, but some delightful streaks of bitterness and acidity allow it to flow effortlessly and wonderfully with every sip. The earthy and menthol hints, as well as the blue flower notes, confirm this as a Monastrell red, but its freshness is unusual, perhaps due to the origin of its grapes, growing at an altitude of 600 metres. Its finish is delightful, mature and spicy, fresh and balsamic: pure Artadi elegance.

Magret of duck / Iberian ham / croquettes

  • Alcohol content: 14,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: 14ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2017.

Monastrell By El Sequé 2015
Front and back

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