April 2015 Selection

Between Winter and Spring

April 2015 Selection

El Sequé 2013 (2 bottles)
Ramblís Monastrell 2013 (2 bottles)
Lafou Els Amelers 2013 (2 bottles)

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About this selection...

When Spring begins, the changes in temperature and weather are generally predictable but nevertheless troublesome. If the sun shines, temperatures may rise, but chilly nights can catch us out and give rise to nasty colds, especially when it's rainy and damp. As regards food, on some days hearty meals still whet the appetite, while on others salads and light dishes are more appealing... and it might even be time to light the first barbecue in the garden or on the terrace, out in the open with spring in the air!

When the weather is so varied and to ensure you have wines for every occasion, it seemed the right time to offer a selection of two reds and a white. As regards the two reds, we want to point out their differences, despite being made from the same grape, the Monastrell, and in the same denomination, Alicante; as contrasting as days and nights in springtime, but both very interesting: El Sequé 2013 an almost wintry wine, powerful but with an extremely smooth texture, and undoubtedly an Artadi wine; and Ramblís Monastrell 2013, a pure Monastrell, juicy and dry at the same time, a clay soil wine, from Rafa Bernabé. The selection concludes with a Garnacha Blanca white, very fragrant and refreshing, offering a true taste and feel of Spring... in our glasses at least: Els Amelers 2013, from Lafou Celler.

Enjoy the Easter holidays, and these wines will be waiting for you on your return!

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El Sequé 2013 (2 bottles)

Red Crianza. Bodegas y Viñedos El Sequé Alicante, Spain Mourvèdre

Bottle: £16.27 club members / £20.77 non-members

We often ask ourselves how can the same grape variety produce such different wines. Each vineyard undoubtedly has its own expression, the terroir... but when origins are very close and similar, evidence points to the producer's skill and expertise. A good example: El Sequé. Include it in a Monastrell tasting and you'll understand. El Sequé is a superior category Monastrell, a robust wine, classy, serious, powerful and excellent for cellaring, like all wines aged in barrel and bearing the Artadi signature.

El Sequé is made using grapes from a selection of old vineyards which Artadi owns in a place of the same name, in the region of Alicante, a wine-producing land since Phoenician and Roman times, with several thousand years of vine-growing tradition. These are the origins of this wine, which appears a very vivid purple colour in its youth, bright and very primary on the nose, with the most intense aromas of well-ripened plums and cherries, sweet fruit, notes of toasted bread, earth and wild flowers, and with some gentle menthol hints which imbue the wine with a very definite balsamic character. Overall, a red with clear signs of Mediterranean identity.

On the palate, El Sequé is very harmonious, warm, rounded, dense and incredibly young, although with the oak already very well integrated... and that smoothness, that amazingly soft texture, so "Artadi", a velvety mouthfeel. You couldn't go wrong if you kept this wine until it had matured in bottle for at least a couple of years; invest a bit of time, wait awhile for the pleasure, and it will reward you with greater complexity and refinement.

Lamb / cooked sausages / oven-cooked rabbit / venison stew / rice with truffles / wild boar / substantial dishes

  • Alcohol content: 13,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 18ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2026.

El Sequé 2013
Front and back

Ramblís Monastrell 2013 (2 bottles)

Young red Crianza. Rafa Bernabé Alicante, Spain Mourvèdre

Bottle: £9.29 club members / £11.38 non-members

Ramblís Monastrell is a wine which will make you reconsider your concept of Monastrell. So that will include most of the wines which Rafa Bernabé produces in his Viñedos Culturales collection. Rafa has a real commitment to his land, which he loves and respects enormously. All the wines in this series are made with minimum intervention, vinified with hardly any handling and in the most natural way possible, without the addition of sulphur and with yeasts from the actual vineyard. Ramblís is a fine example of this, a pure Monastrell, a complex wine with an elegant, clearly defined bouquet.

Ramblís is also a different Monastrell. It offers a rendering of this grape that we're not very used to: light, open, fresh, with lots of red fruit, very easy to drink, and one where the terroir definitely plays the leading role. This leaves in second, if not third or fourth place, the variety's usual vegetal notes, which have metamorphosed here into grey-hued hints: subtle suggestions of ashes which bring to mind certain Canary wines, dry notes, a mixture of Mediterranean plants and Asian spices.

Ramblís is a wine of the land and countryside. It has a rather rustic personality, particularly due to its whiffs of clay and that touch of dryness on the nose, but it's also very refined and most appealing, rich in aromas of red fruits like cherries and redcurrants, with some juicy hints of ripe pears, dry firewood, and candy-sweet sensations; it combines Mediterranean warmth with a tremendous freshness on the palate. It's juicy, with a powerful entry, plenty of volume and ripe tannins, but it also has two very distinctive traits: an unusual liveliness on the palate, like a slight carbonic effect, almost imperceptible after it spends time in bottle or if we decant it, yet it means the wine feels particularly light on the palate (this feature is more common when it's been recently bottled and is due to production methods, since some of the grapes ferment without being destalked), and too a saline touch. In short, a serious and profound wine with plenty of character, polished and elegant; a wine of contrasts, a twilight wine covering that time between day and night, juicy and dry, lovely and refreshing.

NOTE: We recommend decanting the wine an hour before serving.

Red meats / meet stews / substantial dishes / Arab cuisine / roasts / lamb / rabbit lamb with fine herbs / hearty dishes / lentils with chorizo sausage

  • Wine Tasting Notes:
    • Colour
      Picota cherry red / intense / with violet hues at the rim
    • Bouquet
      Complex / intense / fruit aromas / ripe fruit / Mediterranean herbs / balsamic notes / blueberries / harmonious / cedar wood / elegant
    • Palate
      Powerful / good acidity / ripe tannins / profound / deep / full / fruit-forward / mineral notes / saline notes / long
  • Alcohol content: 14,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 15ºC and 17ºC
  • For drinking this year.

Ramblis Monastrell 2013
Front and back

Lafou Els Amelers 2013 (2 bottles)

Barrel Aged white. Lafou Celler Terra Alta, Spain White Grenache

Bottle: £10.36 club members / £12.19 non-members

Els Amelers from Lafou Celler is always a sign that spring has arrived. Such refinement, a huge fragrance, fantastic sinew and freshness! It's a cocktail of fruits and white flowers, a real pleasure to smell: open, aromatic, clean and particularly refreshing. If certain features of this wine stand out, they are its special lightness, fragrance and freshness.

The winery spares no detail in its making, all to achieve a complex, austere but refined wine. To start with, it's made exclusively from old Garnacha Blanca vines, a part of them planted facing westwards, in the Terra Alta. There the Mediterranean climate succumbs to continental influences, with considerable contrasts in temperature, and the grapes are gathered at different times in order to fuse a greater diversity of aromas and flavours. During ageing, it spends some but not too much time on its lees, therefore achieving a delicate unctuosity; and in addition, 10% of the wine reposes in lightly toasted barrels for just four months, thus attaining greater complexity and structure, and lengthening the life of the wine.

Els Amelers is almost colourless, a very pale but luminous yellow. On the nose it is seductive with its white flowers (jasmine), its fruit complexity (from sharp green apples to sweeter, fleshier fruits, such as pears and doughnut-shaped peaches), its notes of aniseed, fennel, almonds and tender nuts, and its minerality. A crisp, refreshing Garnacha Blanca that remains fresh in the glass and in the bottle. Our advice is not to serve it too cold, since it has that inner coolness. Also, enjoy it over time, as this little white has a long life, a Garnacha Blanca to the letter, with a triple accent: minerality, freshness and fragrance.

Steamed clams / salads / lobster / rabbit / steamed mussels / to enjoy on its own

  • Wine Tasting Notes:
    • Colour
      Straw yellow / pale / clean
    • Bouquet
      Intense / fresh / citrus notes / vine peach / green apple / pear
    • Palate
      Structured / lively / elegant / powerful / balanced / good acidity / citrus notes / floral notes
  • Alcohol content: 13,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 10ºC and 12ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2020.

Lafou Els Amelers 2013
Front and back

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