September 2014 Selection

The holidays may well have ended but there's no end in sight for good wine

September 2014 Selection

Lalama 2010 (2 bottles)
Les Cousins L'Antagonique 2013 (2 bottles)
Sotorrondero 2011 (2 bottles)

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About this selection...

The summer and holidays are an ideal time for discovering new places, experiencing new cultures, encountering new people, meeting up with friends, sharing fun times, travelling, relaxing... What a shame they are over so quickly, but life carries on and so does good wine!

This month we are inviting you to continue discovering new wines, and three wines that are particularly original or from relatively unknown regions: Lalama 2010, from the Ribeira Sacra; L'Antagonique 2013, from the Priorat, and Sotorrondero 2011, from Méntrida.

The Ribeira Sacra is a region that few have ventured to explore and Lalama 2010 is a very well-made wine, an Atlantic type and Burgundy style which comes with our full recommendation, as do all the wines made by this winery, Dominio do Bibei. The Priorat is certainly known to all but its whites are not so familiar, and in this instance a truly original white made from red grapes is one not to miss, with cousins Adriá and Marc Pérez never failing to surprise us. Although Méntrida's fantastic Garnachas from the Sierra de Gredos mountains are beginning to find the fame they deserve, on this occasion we're proposing a Garnacha and Syrah blend, south and north, freshness and warmth, fluidity and intensity, made by Jiménez-Landi.

The three wines have lots of personality, are original, accessible and immediate, and very well-suited to food pairings too. They will certainly prove good company when recalling those leisurely days of summer. It's still summer-time, the days are still quite long, so pick up a glass, relax, and with some good wine you'll feel like you're still on holiday.

The holidays may well have come and gone, but not great wine , it's here for you in our September Selection. Enjoy it!

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Lalama 2010 (2 bottles)

Red Crianza. Dominio do Bibei Ribeira Sacra, Spain Mencia

Bottle: £12.18 club members / £13.93 non-members

Lalama is a wine with an Atlantic character and Burgundy style. It comes from the Ribeira Sacra, a landscape of terraces and hillsides with steeply-inclined slopes that leave a lasting impression on visitors and leave their mark on the wine, impregnating its character: fresh, limpid and restrained.

Externally and internally, Lalama exudes quality: a first-class cork, a white, minimalist and elegant, clear-cut label and a Burgundy-type bottle. Its Picota cherry colour is not very dark nor dense, of medium intensity, the result of manufacture without huge extraction, an authentic wine, with a definite identity.

Lalama brims with red fruit, extremely fresh fruit coated with morning dew, woodland berries: redcurrants, raspberries, red cherries, and ripe fruit too, with touches of sweetness, a sweet-tasting sensation but not overly stated. In essence it is clearly fruit-forward but not lacking complexity either: a gentle perfume of flowers and vegetal notes, countryside flowers, white and yellow fruits, citrus fruits, a suggestion of new leather, not exhibiting toasty notes but certainly a trace of coffee, and minerality evident. A frank and refined nose.

On the palate, its entrance is very much in keeping with aromas already discerned. It is luscious yet not heavy, light and agile as it passes through the mouth, revealing fantastic acidity and plenty of sinew, a wine with structure, glyceric, rounded, with a lactic touch, and an ever-present sensation of freshness, an Atlantic marine freshness, and some lovely clayey notes reminiscent of those Cerasuolos from Sicily. An aromatic red on the nose and oily on the palate; smooth and polished, pleasant and with only 13% alcohol, it makes a fantastic drink.

Decant it an hour beforehand and enjoy a taste of the Ribeira Sacra, which for some good reason came by this name.

Beefburgers / Asian cuisine / cod / rice dishes / veal carpaccio / chicken / pork / brochette / braised vegetables / shrimp / to enjoy on its own

  • Alcohol content: 13,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 15ºC and 16ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2020.

Lalama 2010
Front and back

Les Cousins L'Antagonique 2013 (2 bottles)

Barrel Aged white. Les Cousins Marc & Adrià Priorat, Spain Grenache, Carignan, White Grenache, Macabeo, Trepat, Escanyavella

Bottle: £9.88 club members / £11.23 non-members

L'Antagonique is a wine that will raise a smile. We smile because Marc and Adriá never fail to amaze us, with wines that are original but easy to understand as well; low production wines yet even so within everyone's reach; wines made with respect, passion and also with and for enjoyment. Well done!

Inevitably, a wine such as this attracts attention due to its lovely, attractive, artistic label, but all the more so when we read on the back label that it is a blanc de noirs, made from 60% Garnacha Negra and 30% Cariñena, with white grapes making up only 10% of the blend! Looking at the colour in the glass, this is hard to believe: it is virtually transparent and very clean: only in the middle does it appear straw-yellow, with no real intensity, but on swirling it round, its density and abundant tears make us aware that there is plenty of substance and this will be a wine with some body.

L'Antagonique is an aromatic white. It releases velvety aromas and we cannot help but recall its “cousin” L'Inconscient, a red which regales us with a delightful rose fragrance: here the scent is of white flowers and stone white fruits, notes of raw almonds and calcareous rock, a refreshing combination. Once still in the glass, it again reminds us of L'Insconscient, because aromas appear of red and black fruit, although not of the fruit juice but that wild berry aroma which lingers on our hands when we pick fresh blackberries out in the countryside. These aromas have depth, but always portray a white profile. The freshness revives on swirling the glass and the terrain’s minerality also makes its presence known.

On the palate it is glyceric, it flows easily, it has good body, a vibrant acidity and is altogether balanced, rounded and complete; a wine too that is truly gastronomic, which leaves a wonderful flavour in the mouth, a creamy mixture of white fruit and forest berry fruits. L'Antagonique, where opposites come together.

Pasta with cheese and oil / rice dishes / Pesto Pasta / braised vegetables / creams / cream soups / pizza

  • Alcohol content: 14,0%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 9ºC and 11ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2018.

Les Cousins L'Antagonique 2013
Front and back

Sotorrondero 2011 (2 bottles)

Red Crianza. Bodegas Jiménez-Landi Méntrida, Spain Syrah, Grenache

Bottle: £9.80 club members / £11.10 non-members

Sotorrondero is a fairly intense and powerful wine, but also free-flowing and easily-drinkable, balanced and pleasurable, and one of those wines that always scores highly when its price is taken into consideration. At Jiménez-Landi, their work involves showing great respect for the environment, with little intervention during production processes, and this results in the wines conveying typicity, fruit and minerality.

This is a Garnacha and Syrah blend, or Syrah and Garnacha, as the balance is perfect; ripe Garnacha and fresh Syrah grapes; sweet and juicy Mediterranean Garnachas, and fresh northern Syrahs, high-altitude Syrahs, from vineyards that are planted at altitudes over 600 metres.

In appearance it is clean, of medium intensity and with a good show of tears, while rich in fruit aromas on the nose. It opens up in the glass with candy-sweet aromas which rapidly refresh and then ease off, highlighting ripe red fruit and some black too (blueberries, raspberries, mature plums) and notes of violets, vegetal hints, bakery, tobacco and balsamic notes. It is luscious overall, but also woodland, fresh, smooth and most appealing.

On the palate it is intense, powerful, with plenty of body but without excessive extraction, and has a fine balsamic bitterness: of eucalyptus on the nose and bay laurel on the palate. A sincere wine helping to introduce us to this denomination, Méntrida, still unknown to many.

White meats / stews / vegetables / red meats / lamb / rice dishes

  • Alcohol content: 14,5%
  • Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 17ºC
  • Drink now or keep until 2017.

Sotorrondero 2011
Front and back

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